The Effect Of Hot Weather On A Flat Roof

As homeowners, you automatically worry about winter as your flat roof begins to approach its expiry date. The truth is summer can be just as damaging. The stresses placed on flat roofs during hot weather could be a direct result of the failing of the roof during heavy rain in the winter.
Before the approach of winter, after this hot spell that we are enjoying now, we will check your flat roof to assess any damage. It is possible to repair isolated problems, however, if your flat roof has past or is approaching its expiry date then the most cost-effective solution may be replacement.

Problems to look out for this summer:
Water penetration of the felt, through a crack or hole, can expand it and, when heated by the sun, can lift the felt from the roof. Blisters and Bubbles can then appear and, if detected early, may only require replacement of sections of felt.
Flashing Damage
Moisture build up is a common cause of damage to flashing. In sunny weather, this growth can be more accelerated. Book a site visit from the professionals at Barnes Roofing for an inspection to identify any areas that require repairs.
Standing Water
British summertime is typically unreliable and most years we see at least some flash flooding in some parts of the country. Standing water is one of the primary causes of flat roof leakages. If water doesn’t drain or evaporate from your flat roof,it will begin to cause damage. Usually, problems with standing water are caused by insufficient drainage. Let us take a look to ascertain if this could be a problem for your home.
The best way of avoiding a leak is to have it regularly inspected. This will allow minor problems to be corrected before they get worse. Tagged , , , ,